Our Journey

Meet our founder, Swati Gupta, a visionary from NIFT Delhi, who spent over a decade crafting dreams in fashion. Inspired by the diverse beauty of Paris, Switzerland, Venice, and Singapore, Swati's journey took a personal turn towards a mission: finding the ultimate skincare solution.

A Personal Quest for the Perfect Skincare

Facing her own battle with dry skin, she ventured beyond the search for effective skincare to creating it. Her journey into the realm of organic skincare was fueled by curiosity and a commitment to authenticity. Diving deep into scientific studies, she mastered the art of blending all-natural ingredients to craft skincare essentials—from soaps to moisturizers—each rich with nature’s finest, designed to harmonize with and enhance skin health.

Breakthroughs in the Heart of Nature

The journey's defining moments arrived with a unique cold process soap and a face moisturizer, designed to thrive even in Kashmir's severe cold. More than mere products, these were proofs of organic skincare's power and gentleness. Revealing nature's hidden secrets, they showcased our belief that true skincare nurtures the skin, honors the environment, and connects us deeply to the natural world.

Rediscovering Purity

Since childhood, we've been surrounded by products like soaps, shampoos, and hair oils, only to discover their potential harm due to impure ingredients. While today's market offers choices with natural elements, true purity remains rare. We stand for the belief that purity isn't just a preference—it's our right.